I want you to truly experience your wedding day rather than spending the majority of your time worrying about details and awkwardly posing for portraits. You can trust that I've got the details covered and that you'll actually have fun when it's time for portraits. That's my promise to you!

Right this way to actually enjoying taking photos on your wedding day...

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If at all possible, I love to do a location that's important to you and your partner! Maybe where you got engaged? Or one of your favorite summer spots? A favorite park near your apartment- or the college where you met. Nothing wrong with an iconic SF location, or a beautiful wild field. Ask me and we can brainstorm together!

Where should we do our engagement photos?

You get to pick your favorite wedding photos, out of all the ones you get, and from there, I build the first draft of the album. You get access to an awesome online program that lets you request changes and perfect your album! So it's very much a collaboration to get it exactly right for you. Or, you can just let me take over from day one, if you prefer me to make all the decisions!

How involved in the album design process can we be?

I'll go practically anywhere, if we are a good fit! If your wedding is outside the Northern California Bay Area there may be a small travel fee, depending on distance! I've shot weddings all over the country- I love going to new places. But I also love shooting in the ones that are oh-so-familiar to me- right near home.

How far will you travel for our wedding?

Northern California wedding photography with a focus in Napa valley, Sonoma Valley, and the San Francisco bay area.